Systems With Intelligence (SWI) Offers Touchless Substation Monitoring

Systems With Intelligence (SWI) Offers Touchless Substation Monitoring

Systems With Intelligence (SWI) is a global provider of intelligent touchless monitoring solutions for real time visualization of industrial applications in harsh, remote locations. SWI systems are designed to protect and prolong the life of high value assets and increase the safety, reliability and uptime of operations by providing the visual and numerical data to make informed decisions. Coupling advanced thermal monitoring and visual imaging technology with sophisticated analytic algorithms, SWI provides solutions for asset monitoring, video automation, physical security and safety.  Specialties include:

     - Thermal and Visual Asset Monitoring
     - Thermal Analytics to detect out of range operating temperatures
     - Interface to SCADA systems to send alerts and live video feeds
     - Touchless Substation Monitoring / Industrial IoT

Touchless Substation Monitoring with Industrial IoT

The IM500 Industrial IoT Module monitors and collects asset health data from remote sites. Thermal monitoring mitigates the risks of failure from overheating assets and connection points. Onboard analytics detect anomalies and provide automatic warnings. The visual camera provides situational awareness in remote locations.

The IM500 can enable flood warning and other safety, environmental and quality monitoring with externally connected sensors. Signals are transmitted securely from the device to a dashboard on a phone, laptop or other platform. Remote updates ensure the firmware is current as well as enabling customization of the devices.

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