Primax Power Offers P600 Hot-Swap and EZ-Swap Switchmode Chargers

Primax Power Offers P600 Hot-Swap and EZ-Swap Switchmode Chargers

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Primax P600 series delivers modular and cost-effective solutions for your DC backup systems. Packaged as a single module unit or within a complex system, the P600 meets your application’s demands. The broad range of controls and options fits virtually any DC backup specification while offering better efficiency and communication.

Why use P600 high frequency switchmode design:

Operation flexibility:

Energy deregulations brought new challenges: Tighter budget allocation is pushing all to do more with less. Using the P600; linemen for example can be assigned to service or fix a charger whenever they are in an area. Management’s need to allocate a service technician is minor therefore, emergency calls are lessened.

Redundancy/N+1 and scalability:

Having more than 1 charging unit in a system opens a wider opportunity to manage emergencies: this natural redundancy can improve reliability and availability of your dc systems. The need of adding more units for future expansion can be achieved with greater ease.

Hot swap:

Ease of maintenance: servicing and repairing SCR and legacy chargers require advanced knowledge and experience in troubleshooting and service. Training resources are limited for senior technologists and engineers to get newcomers entering the power market up-to-speed. The P600 series is considered to be known as a “plug and play” system. Modules are interchangeable, hot-swappable, very easy to install, maintain and service.

Small footprint and high power density:

New regulations such as NERC and aging electrical infrastructure are imposing new stress on space and time management. Extra equipment needs to be installed in substations to support higher demand. Space begins to be tighter over time: the small footprint of the P600 resolves this issue. Up to 200A at 125Vdc can fit in a 19in. 5U expansion sub rack.

Extend battery life:

The very low current and ripple content at much higher frequency than what the battery is sensitive to, the P600 helps in extending battery life by lowering the battery temperature rise due to these effects. Therefore, this will help the battery to gain extra lifespan with improved system reliability.

Clean power:

Thanks to the P600 unity factor and very low THDi to limit electrical pollution reflected on the grid. Our P600’s high efficiency aids in preserving energy and reject unnecessary heat.

Easy to upgrade and refurbish:

The P600 is perfect to replace outdated chargers while keeping the existing enclosure and installation infrastructure.

Better sensitive load protection:

Tighter voltage regulation protects your sensitive load from failing over time due to the dynamic dc voltage swing.


The P600 is compatible with the legacy batteries such as Lead acid and Ni-Cd as well as the Li-Ion new designs. This is attributed to it’s CAN bus communication capabilities to communicate with connected batteries while adjusting its operational parameters to preserve battery life and safety.

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Download P600 Hot Swap Charger Pamphlet


P600 EZ Swap series battery chargers

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105A-125A charger in 19″Wx30″H cabinet


Compact – Achieved with high frequency 5KW modules: Optimize space and feed loads while keeping  batteries healthy.

Reliability – Is built in with modularity: Charger will keep feeding loads even in the event of control board failure: No more emergencies due to charger failure.

Versatility – Gained by having up to 3×5 KW modules in a wall-mount enclosure that can fit  in a standard relay rack: In a 125 Vdc substation application, 5 to 105 A can be installed in the same enclosure.

Intelligence – Implemented by a touchscreen display giving access to all parameters and settings.

The P600 EZ-Swap provides the most comprehensive list of standard alarms & features in the industry: The P600 is quick and easy to install, use and maintain. It will also take care of batteries like no other charger.



With one easy to install cabinet, you can order a charger that will fit most substation applications. All installation and servicing operations have been simplified using intelligent modular design. Minimum technical knowledge and experience is needed to install, operate, maintain and service the P600 EZ-SWAP. High frequency Technology reduces the overall size and weight up to 80% compared to traditional chargers.


  • Simplifies design and installation in a wide range of applications. One size wall mount cabinet smartly packaged to include up to 3 modules delivering up to 105 A at 125 Vdc., it fits in standard 19” & 23” relay racks.
  • Major emergencies caused by charger failures are reduced. Each module has its own  microcontroller capable of operating even if the main controller is out.
  • Minimum technical knowledge required for charger diagnostic and repair, main controller or power modules can easily be replaced in less than 10 minutes.
  • No more wasted time with the easy to operate interactive touchscreen display, The menu is user friendly and easy to navigate.
  • No risk of falling behind, the Primax P600 EZ-SWAP will evolve in time: Control boards can be easily re-flashed with new algorithms and functions, 8 digital inputs for future expansion. If more power or N+1 redundancy is required, the charger can be adapted by adding an extra module.

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Download P600 EZ Swap Pamphlet