Doble Launches Calisto T1

Doble Launches Calisto T1

Calisto™ T1 is an all-in-one condition monitoring system that encapsulates the functionality of bushings, partial discharge and input/output modules in a single configurable package.

It provides a clear user interface through a built-in server and manages user access, alert setting, alert management and data visualization — bringing together data from Doble and thirdparty devices. Standard communication protocols include Modbus and DNP3 with optional IEC 61850, that allow data to be moved between Calisto T1 and other applications such as SCADA.

The Calisto T1 can be scaled from a single component to a comprehensive transformer monitor covering partial discharge (PD), bushings, operational data that connects to dissolved gas analysis and third-party monitors.

PD-Guard™ monitors partial discharge (PD) via the transformer bushings, neutral and inside the main tank; it provides local alarms and will communicate data and notifications across standard interface channels and to networked supervisory systems. Doble PD-Guard analyses PD and EMI signals in the HF, VHF and lower UHF ranges with built-in diagnostic tools.

IDD™ bushing monitor detects deterioration in bushings, finding abnormalities in the insulation and issuing actionable alerts. It provides leakage current, phase, capacitance, power factor and harmonics analysis for up to six bushings individually. If a voltage reference is available, the Doble IDD will perform both relative and true power factor to detect issues in bushings and voltage reference devices.

iO™ is a data recorder that accepts current, voltage, temperature and relay inputs and integrates and displays data from multiple sensors and sources, including load or operational data, tap position indicators and inputs from other vendor devices.