Doble F6150e Protective Relay Testing System

Doble F6150e Protective Relay Testing System

The Doble F6150e is a versatile protective relay tester for testing relays and schemes.

This power system simulator performs the simplest through the most complex tests. Meeting all your protective relay testing needs, the F6150e is available in different configurations.

Whether you need to test a specific component or test an entire scheme, the F6150e is the proven solution to assess protection system performance.

  • Performs standard relay calibration and verification testing of high burden and microprocessor relays

  • Analog testing of 1A and 5A protection devices

  • Performs state simulation and transient testing

  • Tests 0.2-class metering CTs and transducers

  • Implements end-to-end testing of communications-based schemes with GPS time syncing

  • Maximum of 12 sources (six voltage, six current) configurable for bench testing and proof-of-concept testing for complicated relaying schemes

  • Delivers full VA power with resistive, inductive and capacitive loads at maximum current rating (6×35, 3×70, 1×210 amps)

  • Control all sources from a tablet device for basic, manual protection testing

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