G&W Electric adds visible break to the Trident solid dielectric switch

G&W Trident-S solid dielectric two way switches now include an innovative visible break feature built into the switch, which eliminates the need to remove elbows or use externally mounted linkage systems to provide a visible open. This makes the Trident-S with SafeVu™ ideal for subsurface applications where space and safety practices prevent the linemen from entering the vault.

The visible break is achieved with a blade type switch incorporated within the solid dielectric module. The blade is in series with the vacuum interrupter and provides a clear visible open. The blade is easily visible through a viewing window molded as an integral part of each module. If the application calls for a resettable fault interrupter, the Trident with SafeVu can be supplied with integral current transformers and a self-powered G&W overcurrent protection control. The CTs and CT leads are molded within the solid dielectric module, protecting them from the environmental conditions of subsurface vaults. The CTs are dual ratio and preset for either 500:1 or 1000:1. The G&W Type 7 control is particularly well suited for subsurface applications, as it is housed within the Trident mechanism housing.  

  • Operator Safety
  • Submersibility
  • Compact, Lightweight Construction

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