PEAK Measure Annual Seminar on Transformer Monitoring and Maintenance

August 19th & 20th
Snohomish County PUD Training Center

1802 75th Street SW
Everett, WA  98203

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Map of Snohomish PUD Operations Center (pdf)
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Keynote Presentation:  Items to consider based upon a career in Transformer Monitoring and Maintenance.  Don Platts

Presented by OMICRON. 

Transformer Testing including-Basic Insulation & Power Factor; Exciting Current; Surge Arrestors; Leakage Reactance; Turns Ratio; DC Winding Resistance

Presented by OMICRON. 

Asset Management of Your Transformer Fleet-New Software Allows Utilities to Take All Their DGA Data, Merge This Data Together and Make Real-Time Decisions on the Health of their Transformers 

Presented by Morgan Schaffer.


Innovative Transformer LTC Control Using Ethernet-based Communication 

Presented by SEL.

10:30-10:45am Break 10:30-10:45am Break

Partial Discharge- What is all the Buzz About?  New technology allows Utilities to Detect the Early Stages of Partial Discharge in transformers and generators

Presented by OMICRON

Transformer Pumps -Best maintenance practices. 

Presented by Unifin

LUNCH Provided by PEAK Measure

Paralleling Transformers- It’s not easy to predict how currents and voltages will change during switching operations when transformers are paralleled or separated.  This presentation describes the factors affecting currents and voltages observed before & after switching transformers in parallel, and introduces a tool that predicts how current and voltage will change as a result of switching operations.

Presented by Steve Larson, Snohomish County PUD 

Transformer Coolers - Best maintenance practices. 

Presented by Unifin

2:00-2:15 pm Break  

2:15-3:15 pm
On-Line Bushing Monitoring-Identify bushing and transformer insulation defects before they cause transformer failures. Followed by a discussion on localizing these defects on-line using acoustic partial discharge localization.

 Presented by OMICRON

SFRA-Sweep Frequency Analysis
Presented by OMICRON

Asset Management through Transformer Monitoring

Presented by SEL


Advantages of and Advances in Complete Portable Field DGA Analysis

How Can You Verify The Accuracy of the Oil Laboratory You Are Using For Your Oil Maintenance Samples? 
Presented By Morgan Schaffer


Scuttlebutt Brewing Co
1205 Craftsman Way Everett, WA, 98201


Agenda is subject to change