Morgan Schaffer

Morgan Schaffer

Territory Represented:

Alaska, Hawaii, Montana, Oregon, Washington


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We work with our clients and strategic partners to deliver solutions that simplify the condition assessment of large high voltage transformers using dissolved gas analysis (DGA).

Our Unwavering Commitment  

Morgan Schaffer is a private corporation with headquarters in Montreal, Canada. The company was established in 1965 by Dr. James E. Morgan and Dr. Robert Schaffer with the first commercial laboratory in North America to offer dissolved gas analysis (DGA). Today, with clients in over 75 countries, Morgan Schaffer is a world leading supplier of DGA services and monitoring solutions for large HV transformers.

Vision & Mission

Our vision is to reach and maintain a global leadership position in the field of dissolved gas analysis.

Morgan Schaffer works with clients and partners to simplify the condition assessment of oil-filled electrical assets by providing innovative, reliable and accurate DGA solutions, while maintaining outstanding customer satisfaction levels.

Our Strengths

  • An outstanding international reputation after nearly 50 years serving the DGA community
  • World-class facilities and processes for oil analysis and analytical solutions
  • A highly motivated team collaborating with rigorousness and respect
  • A strong commitment to research and development and innovation
  • An international network of authorized representatives trained to address the needs of our clients